Beyond Pretend: A Sheep's Guide to the Universe!

"There's far more here than

Sheep by VAL 2010

There's far more here than

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Please note that these study guides need more work. They are very incomplete. I used them recently to teach part way through the book, so I filled in the blanks. Still I thought they may be useful to you. The thought of putting them online just occurred to me this morning. Hopefully I will follow up and make this a good resource.

Beyond pretend is ...

Where the deepest part of you tells you that you need to go …

There is an unseen world which is as real and as much a part of our lives as the seen world of our daily routines.

A life lived only in the familiar is a life of pretend.

And deep down each of us knows this.

LESSON ONE Beyond Pretend
LESSON TWO Beyond Pretend