Beyond Pretend: A Sheep's Guide to the Universe!

"There's far more here than

Sheep by VAL 2010

There's far more here than

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Excerpts from Beyond Pretend
Living on the "Z"

What is the book about?

I am asked that question often ...

And I keep trying to come up with my best answer. So I will try again. The book is a big, fat gospel tract in which I try to compel people to look past the illusion of this life to the eternal life God offers in the Bible.

“Life makes it so hard sometimes to know what’s real.”
(from “Can You Feel It?” by the David Crowder Band)

Our lives here on the planet make it very hard to know what is real. The present - whether happy, sad, fulfilling, painful, joyful, rich or poor, filled with failure or brimming with success - can blind us to the future. And if we do not live with an awareness of the future then we will miss the best of life. The majority of people born onto the planet never come to grips with reality until this life is over and they are standing before God in judgment.

I’d really rather that didn’t happen to you.

So how do I direct our thinking through the mist - the illusion that life consists only of what we can see - to the long term -the reality that our existence continues forever.

I draw our attention to three main questions:

Where am I?

Who controls my world?

What can I do about it?

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